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Director: Omang Kumar

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumaar, Sunil Thapa

Rating: 3 star

Genre: Biopic

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My favourite thing about the film is the genre. Sports, more than biopic. There are so few sports films made here (Chak De! Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Hip Hip Hooray), and I think it should be applauded and encouraged. We celebrate American sports films based on real people (Rush, Blind Side, the Fighter, The Million Dollar Arm) so why shouldn’t we celebrate our own heroes? And Mary is a hero, no doubt. As is Priyanka Chopra, who delivers a career-best performance. if you wondered if the dainty girl who played a Supermodel in Fashion can transform into a national-level boxer, let me assure you, she does that quite easily.

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Based on the life of Olympic Champion Mary Kom, the film traces her story to success. Daughter of a small villager, in the troubled state of Manipur, this woman dared to dream beyond what was allowed to her. In a country where sports means cricket,she despite being a woman pursues a career in boxing against the wishes of her father. At the peak of her career she gets married to Ondler (Darshan Kumaar) and soon enough delivers twins.

Mary dreams to be a boxing champion one day. But being a champion isn’t an easy task, and Mary Kom with her never-say-die attitude and willpower emerges a winner – a true ‘Magnificent’ Mary.Married with two babies, unable to get a decent job, she returns to boxing. But her body has changed and she doesn’t have stamina and youth by her side. Lecherous, slimy bureaucrats too go against her. How she rises from a self imposed life of oblivion to claim back the success she deserves in What the film captures.

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The test of the performance being in the fact that she owns the role. Now you cannot imagine any other actress pulling off this role with so much gusto. Mary Kom has a brilliant supporting cast. From Mary’s parents, to the trainer (Sunil Thapa) to her husband (Darshan Kumaar) It needs to be said that Mary Kom is not a film about boxing, it is so much more. It is the story of a girl’s dream, her struggles with herself, her father, the boxing federation and finally as a mother who has to constantly choose between the sport and her (16)

Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom does an outstanding job. She might not look like Mary Kom, but it sure was refreshing to watch PeeCee in an all -new look. She did a good job. Darshan Kumar who plays Mary’s husband – Onler, also gives a commendable performance. The cinematography of Keiko Nakahara is rich. Mostly shot in picturesque Manipur, the audience will get a glimpse of the majestic North East. The music of the film by Shashi-Shivamm has a tribal-contemporary fusion touch to it. It is feel-good and gives the film its necessary punch.

download (17)What’s not:

Sometimes the film is better than the actor, sometimes the actor is better than the film. In Mary Kom, the film lets down the actors. The first half of the film drags. The songs slow the film down further and the climax designed to create tension, ends up creating frustration. The final match itself had enough going or it, rather than adding the whole hospital drama to it.

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The film gives us ample insight into  the life and struggle of Mary Kom. But, there are a lot of loopholes in the script. It neither focused exactly on the boxing , or on the life of the boxer. At times the plot becomes utterly tiresome. Not to forget the awkward branding of IODEX, Sugarfree and Tata Salt in the later-half of the film. Omung Kumar gave a good shot with his debut film, but with the formulaic plot , it turned out to be just another forgettable biopic on a world champion.