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Initially, whenever we thought of sports the one thing that usually striked us was MEN. Lately there has been an increase of women in every field of sport, from playing tennis to cricket, from boxing to running, women are waving their flag everywhere. For example:


She won women’s doubles Grand Slam title at Wimbledon earlier this year. She is currently at a career best No.1 WTA rank in doubles, the first Indian female to achieve the feat.


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Saina Nehwal is the first women in India’s sporting history to reach the World No.1 rank in Badminton after Prakash Padukone.


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India’s first women wrestler to qualify for the Olympics. She won gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

When someone asks you to picture your target audience for sports marketing, what comes to your mind? Are the fans male or female? Did you automatically picture a group of guys sitting around watching the game together? But what we see today is that sports marketers and various sports brands are hiring women to endorse their brand. 

For example Adidas have made a number of moves to bolster their female division and make it more prominent within their company. The brand has started to design and selling products exclusively for women.

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Sports marketers are beginning to leverage the female fans to increase their revenue. They are aiming advertising campaigns to target women in addition to men is a great start.